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Nisshin Seifun Group

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Nisshin Engineering Inc.

Building a new era with powder technology and project engineering expertise

World-leading powder technology, born out of Nisshin’s long history in wheat flour milling, is the backbone of Nisshin Engineering Inc.’s business.
Tapping into this experience, the company’s goal is to become a provider of comprehensive services in plant design, management and construction.
“With P&P (powder technology and product engineering), we take on the world.” As encapsulated by this slogan, we support our customers in a range of technical areas including powderizing processing to equipment production and sales to plant construction.

A comprehensive plant maker able to meet the widely divergent needs of industry

With particulate handling as its core technology, Nisshin Engineering Inc. is expanding, primarily in the three areas of brand engineering including for foodstuff plants; equipment production and sales including of pulverizing equipment developed in-house; and particulate processing including distinctive in-house equipment. As a comprehensive brand manufacturer answering to various demands from industry players, we boast strong performance in a diverse range of foodstuff plant construction projects spanning everything from bread and noodle plants to chilled and frozen food product as well as bento lunchbox and ready-to-eat food production facilities. In addition, the company is also expanding into beverages, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, chemicals, electric and electronic components, battery materials, and more.

Construction of Cereals Milling Factory

Powder technology: From household products to the space industry

In the example of new materials development, the basic ingredients in the vast number of cases are in powder form. The more advanced the material, the higher the degree of fineness and uniformity of powder particle size required. The manufacturing or processing of a given final product may also necessarily involve the use of materials in powder form. Nisshin Engineering Inc.’s world-leading powder technology enables ultra fine milling production at the extremely challenging level of less than one micron. In the pulverization/processing sectors, we incorporate distinctive in-house development equipment and nano-particle processing by way of thermal plasma, accommodating everything from small-lot production for development purposes to specialized-line mass production. This has garnered us an excellent reputation in the various sectors including customer outsourcing needs.

Kamifukuoka Plant

Nisshin Engineering Inc. A new window opens.

Primary business areas: The design and management of manufacturing and processing facilities (and related facility construction projects) for grains, food materials and chemicals, and the sale of powder processing related equipment
Head office: 14-1, Koami-cho Nihombashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN