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NBC Meshtec Inc.

Developing the infinite possibilities of mesh technology

Applying advanced mesh technology as or core, NBC Meshtec Inc. provides a range of manufactured goods to industry including screen-printing materials, industrial materials, chemicals, mesh products for industrial use, electronic parts, plastic molding and insect nets.
The technology used in NBC Meshtec’s mesh cloth for screen-printing is considered world class.

Cutting edge mesh technology

Established in 1934, NBC Meshtec Inc. began operations by producing mesh for separating powder into different particle sizes. Later, this business was expanded to incorporate mesh cloth operations for screen-printing. In conjunction with its expansion in electronics, NBC Meshtec Inc. developed screens for high-precision printing and has continued to flexibly meet customer needs. In parallel with this, NBC Meshtec Inc.’s activities spread to supplying technology for use in the automotive, communications, household appliances, medical and environment industries, and it has also promoted nanotechnology research. Currently, NBC Meshtec Inc. manufactures several thousand products, with its technology used in about 50 countries.

Precision Screen Textile Weaving Loom

Our manufacturing technology: developing at a rapid pace

To accommodate quality standards that rise each year, NBC Meshtec Inc. makes constantly improvements to technologies with a view to providing high-quality mesh cloth. In addition, to answer to a range of needs, we offer vast and sundry mesh cloth for a variety of purposes including polyester, nylon, stainless steel, etc. To achieve these goals, we bring to the world both new applications that no one would imagine as well as a variety of new types of value by way of development of mesh cloth manufacturing technologies that combine highly sophisticated processing technologies and cutting-edge technologies. For instance, mesh cloth technology has contributed greatly to generation of indoor light and solar cell power generation. Another example is Cufitec®, which reduces the risk of infection by suppressing the activity of virus and bacteria. These are examples of technologies researched and developed by the company. NBC Meshtec Inc. develops mesh technologies, which deliver limitless possibilities, and in so doing consistently delivers new value to global markets.

Fully automated robotic manufacture of molded filters

NBC Meshtec Inc. A new window opens.

Primary business areas: The manufacture and sale of materials for screen-printing, mesh products for industrial use, electronic components and plastic molding
Head office: 2-50-3, Toyoda, Hino-City, Tokyo, JAPAN


NBC Hinet Inc.
Manufacturing and sales of Insect Nets and Industrial Mesh etc.
NBC Metalmesh Inc.
Production and sales of precision printing nets and precision filters.
PT. NBC Indonesia
Manufacturing and sales of Screen Printing Mesh, Industrial Mesh and Molded Plastic Filtration etc.
NBC Meshtec Americas Inc.
Sales of Technical Meshes and Plastic Molded Filters and etc.
NBC (Shanghai) Mesh Co., Ltd.
Sell industrial raw materials andmanufactured goods.
NBC Meshtec (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Manufacturing and sales of Molded Plastic Filtration etc.