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Oriental Yeast Co., Ltd.

From bread to biotechnology products:
Searching out the infinite possibilities offered by yeast

Established in 1929 as Japan’s first yeast manufacturer for bread, Oriental Yeast Co., Ltd. has expanded from being a supplier of various food products including yeast—for which it has the top share—to animal feed and biotechnology.
The company sees its future in researching and developing the infinite possibilities of yeast by way of technology sets.

Supporting the bread industry with solid technology, product quality, and innovative ideas

Considering what the customer needs, we develop ideas on what to do from the perspective of our expertise in the bread industry. Targeting bread and sweets industries, we produce yeast, flour paste (cream for use in bread), ready-to-eat products (including filling), mayonnaise, and more to the bread and confectionery industries. The company also contributes to the revitalization of the market, such as by independently collecting and analyzing information on breads from around the world, and applying the information garnered to the development of new bakery products and making suggestions for new kinds of bread ahead of our competitors. Oriental Yeast also provides a number of other market leading products, including kansui-powder for Chinese noodles, as well as supplying ready-to-eat products and quality improvers for both the home-meal replacement market and the restaurant industry.

A wide variety of yeast products are necessary to make these bread products

Contributing to human health with bio business based on years of sophisticated technology and product development experience

In the 21st Century, as consumer’s desire for good health continues to rise, the field of biotechnology has enormous potential.
We market useful biotechnology proteins and useful substances extracted from yeast and other materials as diagnostic materials and reagents in research use. The company also supplies such products as yeast extracts for making culture media, creates safety and pharmaceutical/therapeutic testing for pharmaceutical products and foodstuffs, provides support services for research into gene expressions, as well as engaging in animal feed for experimental animals, pet food, etc.

Culturing Room for recombinant microorganisms

Oriental Yeast Co., Ltd. A new window opens.

Primary business areas: The manufacture and sale of yeast and other food ingredients, as well as ingredients for diagnostic drugs and drugs for research
Head office: 3-6-10, Azusawa, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN


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