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Nisshin Seifun Group

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Nisshin Petfood Inc.

Total support for your pet’s health and longevity, because he’s part of the family

Nisshin Petfood Inc. keeps moving forward based on the concept of healthy dietary habits.
We also offer a variety of consultations on safe, high-quality pet food that also offers peace of mind, spanning the entire process from research and development through manufacturing, sales, and all aspects of the pets themselves.
We support your pet’s life in a comprehensive manner.

The preferred product lineup chosen and loved by Japan's pet owners

Drawing on the quality control technologies that Nisshin Petfood Group has developed, we have been engaged in the production and sales of safe and reliable pet food. In addition, raising dogs and cats in our own in-house facilities, our product development research conforms to Japan’s unique animal-rearing environment. Because Nisshin Petfood employs only a small number of people, the company environment is one where people can communication freely and collaborate flexibly to implement our work. For instance, the specialized staff at the Customer Consultation Desk take questions on living with and raising pets, and conveys the options of customers to our research and production departments. This information is incorporated into the process of making ever-better pet food.

A selection of products
from Nisshin Petfood

Premium product development: providing top-notch products that can only be manufactured in Japan

We are engaged in product development to meet the diverse needs of customers including palatability, primarily “Inu-No-Shiawase (Doggie Happiness)” for dogs, and “Kaiseki” for cats. As interest in pet health continues to rise, we offer “JP-Style”, a performance brand designed for the Japanese climate and dog-rearing environment. The strengths enabling us to create the optimal pet food for Japanese pets lie in the fact that our research is conducted in Japan, and the fact that we have plants here. We are also joining the animal hospital dietetic food market. Our focus is not only performance b ut also, with a solid focus on flavor, to make products that please owners and the veterinarians who recommend our products alike.

Nasu research institute

Nisshin Petfood Inc.

Primary business areas: The manufacture and sale of pet food
Head office: 25, Kanda-Nishiki-cho 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN