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Nisshin Seifun Group

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Nisshin Pharma Inc.

Contributing to our good health through fine chemicals and healthcare products

In addition to health food products and performance food product materials, Nisshin Pharma Inc. provides safe, high-quality bulk pharmaceutical preparations.
We work on product research and development and production in line with health needs by way of our health science research centers and GMP-conforming plants.

Answering the health needs of modern society with healthcare and safety products

The population of Japan is aging at a rate never before seen in any country. In parallel with this, interest in disease prevention and improving personal health is continuing to rise rapidly. To help meet the health needs of this era, Nisshin Pharma Inc. taps into the unique technology and know-how that it has nurtured through the years including long-term research on vitamins and coenzyme Q10 to develop new healthcare products that meet the health needs of customers. In addition, in healthcare and medical care product manufacturing, we implement strict safety and quality management spanning the entire process covering everything from supply of ingredients through production, storage, and shipment.

Healthcare products

Continuing to examine the many facets of life and health

In the future, Nisshin Pharma Inc. will enhance and enrich its research and development program and, with an emphasis on health food product evidence in particular. Through bolstering its sales forces and distribution channels, including the sales site Nisshin Pharma Direct, Nisshin Pharma Inc. also plans to boost sales systems that also make customers feel at ease.

Ueda plant

Nisshin Pharma Inc.

Primary business areas: The manufacture and sale of health foods, active pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical products
Head office: 25, Kanda-Nishiki-cho 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN