Social Welfare and Local Communities

Support for Recovery Effort

Collaborative Project with in Fukushima (Koriyama-city, Fukushima)

Mahou no okashi Poruboron or Magical Sweets Polvorón” means bakes made by thirteen welfare centers in Fukushima. Nisshin Seifun Group supports this activity through providing technical instruction and in-house sales for employees.In the hope that these sweets will make people smile more.

Baking instruction by employees
Mahou no okashi Poruboron”

NPO Shinsei receives the Japan SDGs Award

At the 1st Japan SDGs Awards,* the “Deputy-chiefs' Award (by Chief Cabinet Secretary)” went to Shinsei, a Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture-based NPO that our Group supports. The group has 13 welfare centers in the prefecture and develops new products. It has created the " Supporting the employment of those with disabilities based Fukushima" that handles orders from around the country through division of labor. Our Group offers to support related to the NPO's“Mahou no Okashi Poruboron or Magical Sweets Polvorón” , through in-house sale and technical instructions for staff and users. Secretariat Director Tominaga visited our company to report on the award; in return, Vice President Takizawa offered congratulations on behalf of our Group.

Japan SDGs Award was established in an attempt to promote a wide range of actions for sustainable development. This initiative is expected to lead to the accomplishment of the SDGs and conducted by the SDGs Promotion Headquarters that headed by the Prime Minister and composed of all ministers.

Organizing clay art classes in areas afflicted by the Great East Japan Earthquake

We have organized clay art classes using clay for handicraft of Nisshin Associates, Inc. in areas afflicted by the Great East Japan Earthquake. In fiscal 2016, we provided a “Clay art teachers training course” for leaders of local communities and NPO staff and 32 trainees from 21 groups in the three prefectures of Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima. The actual number of participants in the clay art classes organized by clay art teachers accounts 500 participants in total.

Clay art class
Clay art work

Supply of Emergency Relief Goods

Large bags of flour can be used as relief supplies in disaster situations.

In February 2016, Fiji was directly hit by Cyclone Winston, the largest cyclone in recorded history in the Southern Hemisphere suffering devastating losses. Rogers Foods Ltd. (Canada) donated 2.5 tons of flour as emergency relief and food packages for two weeks to 500 families through relief organizations.

Support to know, learn and enjoy foods

Conveying the Enjoyment and Importance of Food

To help people develop a deep understanding for flour as a familiar food ingredient, we has conducted cooking classes.
We also send lecturers to schools and local events to give classes about food education and environmental issues related with wheat, flour and food matters.

Animal shaped breads baked in a class
Food education for children

Co-sponsorship of National High School Cook-Off

The Nisshin Seifun Group is a cosponsor of the Annual FHJ-Nisshin Seifun Group National High School Cook-Off, hosted by the Future Homemakers of Japan (FHJ). At this event, high school students across Japan are invited to submit recipes that make best use of a common and well-known ingredient and wheat flour. In 2017, the number of applications was 7,474 from 282 high schools.

Loro Zucca
SakuSaku FuwaFuwa RenkontoAjinoWafuu pizza or Crunchy-Fluffy Japanese style pizza with Lotus roots and mackerel
Natural sweet! Amazake mille crepe

Community support and empowering people

Sponsorship of the Kobe Sweets Consortium(KSC)

Nisshin Seifun supports a project by Prop Station, a social welfare nonprofit organization, with its mission to offer the Challenged Program in order to educe their working potential of the Challenged person who hope to become professional pastry chefs.
In 2015, under the theme of supporting employment of the challenged people, we developed products for actual sales and offered practical support including lectures and sales of products.

Developped Pretzels for actual sales
Providing professional lecture

About sports-related cooperation

The approaching 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games are placing a spotlight on sports. Our Group supports the dreams and challenges of participants and supporters alike through our cosponsoring of sporting activities, especially volleyball competitions.

Supporting "TNBB Baseball Classes" for elementary school children organized by the Tokyo Nanshiki Baseball Association (TNBB)
Through sponsorship for volleyball class "V · tomorrow dream (Mirai) project" for children, I support the children and help to nurture a smile.

Gift baskets to support various Activities

Rogers Foods Ltd. has been supplied gift baskets filled with a package of their company products to support non-profit activities. They donated more than 100 baskets. They were appreciated as prize for events, or otherwise sold at bazars and auctions for fundraising to support various people, including research into cancer treatments, independence support for refugees, the purchase of sporting goods at regional schools, scholarships for students who specialize in environmental studies, etc.

Gift baskets activities received with great appreciation.

Educational support for local children

In Thailand, reading and writing has been taught at temples and shrines for hundreds of years, and even today many schools are located inside or near temples and shrines.
Nisshin-STC Flour Milling Co., Ltd. supports schools by repairing audiovisual rooms, installing air conditioners, supporting expansion work on school buildings of neighbor elementary schools. Thai Nisshin Seifun Co., Ltd. Thai Nisshin Technomic Co., Ltd. also made a donation to local schools. Nisshin Seifun Group supports local children by improving their educational environment.

In Nisshin STC milling, we visited elementary schools and provided meals and donated living goods.

Empowering local people

Employees are actively participating local activities to support those who suffer hardship.
For example, Miller Milling Company, LLC donate flour to food banks and employees participate in the distribution activities. Champion Flour Milling Limited supports the delivery foods such as bread through GF Care Trust in New Zealand.

Donation of one pallet of flour each for apple pie and dumpling fundraiser for each school. (Miller Milling Company, LLC Winchester Plant)
Employees participated in the distribution activity of Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Food items sorted in that day were enough to provide 11,867 meals to those in needs. (Miller Milling Company, LLC Los Angeles Plant)
Team up with Alameda County Community Food Bank to sort bread, fruit, vegetables, and other items to prepare them to be delivered to food service areas to be distributed to the hungry. (Miller Milling Company, LLC Oakland Plant)
200 pounds of flour was donated to the Poverello House providing vital services for the poor, hungry and homeless. (Miller Milling Company, LLC Fresno Plant)
Serve sauce & pasta for elderly persons & disabled person.
Employees participated to beach clean-up activity called “Heal The Bay” for local beach not far from Santa Monica Peer. (Miller Milling Company, LLC Los Angeles Plant)
Saginaw plant participate local adopt program for caring taker of a flower bed that is also the welcome sign for the City of Saginaw. (Miller Milling Company, LLC Saginaw Plant)
Vietnam Nisshin Seifun Co., Ltd. supports capacity building of the next generation who hold the future by hosting career development seminars for students and providing scholarships to students in need of economic support.