Message from the President

The Nisshin Seifun group is helping to build a sustainable society by helping people to enjoy healthy and fruitful lives. Kenji Takihara, Representative Director and President, Nisshin Seifun Group Inc.

Our mission is to ensure reliable supplies of wheat flour and other key foods. While evolving in step with changing food needs, the Nisshin Seifun Group has continually contributed to enjoyment of healthy and fruitful lives by supplying its customers with high-quality products and services through its various business activities.

In recent years, global environmental changes, globalization, advances in technology, and other factors have caused dramatic changes in our business environment. We believe that in order to adapt flexibly to these changes and strengthen our governance as a framework for sustainable growth and the improvement of corporate value, we need management policies that will create close links between the new value chains that we will build, and our contributions to the environment and society. In 2019, we identified our materiality, which consists of five social issues that will require prioritized initiatives to ensure the sustainability of the Nisshin Seifun group. We have positioned efforts in these areas as our top management priorities.

We will place particular emphasis on preparing for climate change and water resource issues. We see these issues not only from the perspective of natural disasters affecting our business sites and production areas, but also as factors that will impact directly or indirectly on our supply chains. Climate change and water issues could also affect supplies of wheat, which is a vital raw material for our products. For that reason, we are currently exploring scenarios in preparation for the adoption of long-term targets that will allow us to contribute to the achievement of the targets stipulated in the Paris Agreement by 2050.

The Nisshin Seifun Group is working to provide solutions to social issues through all of its business activities. Our aim is to create a cycle in which society benefits from new value created by those activities. We are determined to continue to earn the support of our stakeholders by being a corporate group that is helping to build a sustainable society through embodying our corporate philosophy of “contributing to a healthy and fruitful life for all.”

CSR priorities (materiality) and areas contributing to the SDGs

Five CSR priorities (materiality) Areas contributing to the SDGs
Provide safe and healthy food and responsible consumer information SDGs3 GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING
Enable secure and sustainable raw material procurement SDGs14 LIFE BELOW WATER, SDGs15 LIFE ON LAND
Efficiently handle product and packaging waste SDGs12 RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUTION
Prepare for climate change and water resource issues SDGs13 CLIMATE ACTION, SDGs6 CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION
Provide work environments that are healthy and fulfilling