Message from the President

Nobuki Kemmoku, Representative Director and President, Nisshin Seifun Group Inc.

Nisshin Seifun is celebrating the 120th year since its founding in 1900. Since the beginning, the Company has constantly transformed itself following its guiding philosophies of “the basis of business is built on trust” and “be in tune with the changing climate” and the corporate principle to “contribute to a healthy and fruitful life for all.” We believe that “business transformation is the only way to survive and will lead to further development.” At the time of our centennial in 2001, we transitioned to a group structure in which each business was spun off as a separately managed company. Led by the holding company, Nisshin Seifun Group Inc., these various group companies are actively developing their business operations in Japan and globally. All aim to be leaders in their respective industries and business areas, including flour milling, processed foods, yeast and biotechnology, healthcare foods, prepared dishes and other prepared foods, engineering, and mesh cloth.

Our business environment has changed dramatically in recent times. In addition to demographic changes and environmental and food resource problems, diets have become more diverse, and there is an increased focus on health and safety. Other drivers of change include globalization and advances in technology. To achieve sustainable growth in this environment, we need to anticipate trends over the next 10 or 20 years, while using our strengths and advantages to overcome risks and turn them into opportunities. In 2018 we encapsulated our long-term vision in the NNI Compass for the Future, a blueprint for the comprehensive group-wide capabilities and transformations needed to take the Nisshin Seifun group forward to a new stage in its evolution. We are strengthening collaboration among our group companies and mobilizing our total group resources toward a future as a global business group that will contribute to better health and provide food infrastructure.

In 2019, we identified five social issues as our most important CSR priorities, or materiality. We regard the pursuit of initiatives relating to these issues, which are also the greatest areas of concern for our stakeholders, as one of our top priorities, and we are putting this commitment into practice through various activities.

The Nisshin Seifun Group is determined to maintain its role as an essential presence in society by reliably supplying key foods and other products and helping people to enjoy safer, healthier, and more secure lives.