Vision Video

In these videos, you can learn about the Nisshin Seifun Group’s philosophy and vision, hear from the employees working to achieve them, and see the various projects being carried out.

Philosophy and Vision

Since our founding, the Nisshin Seifun Group’s guiding philosophy has been “the basis of business is built on trust.” This spirit has been passed down from generation to generation of Group employees. This video introduces how the Group has fostered trust and delivered a wide range of value, as well as how we strive to create new value.
(2 mins, 37 secs)

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Envisioning a Future

An enduring vision that guides us into the future. Using the three themes of health, food infrastructure, and globalization, this video shows how individual Group employees answer the question “What is our vision?”
(2 mins, 51 secs)

Challenge Stories

Stories of new value creation. This video introduces two projects, the development of health-focused products and entry into the Indian bread market, and showcases the challenges faced, results achieved, and outlook for the future through interviews with key personnel.
(7 mins, 38 secs)