Group Dynamism

Be independent; work with others. Move faster than anyone else.

Faced with surging globalization, diversifying lifestyles and even more sharply changing times, where must a company search for its most effective source of strength?
Nisshin Seifun Group's answer to this question is that companies should look outward to the market and not inward on themselves; that they must ground their dynamism on professional strength in each of their business units and not on the strength of the group overall.
To create the best fit in diverse markets, the flour milling, processed foods, yeast and biotechnology, health foods, prepared dishes, engineering, and mesh cloth operating companies make their own business decisions and maintain their own strengths. They act as a strong coalition of professional business organizations which are able to give rise to incisive actions in their respective markets. Each individual company is independent and is dedicated to becoming the market leader in its respective business area.
The Nisshin Seifun Group's group strategy is the union of different forces into required themes with other companies both within and outside of the group, using a borderless business approach. This "Self-Sufficiency and Alliance", based on each business operating as a separate company, is the Nisshin Seifun Group's greatest characteristic and greatest moving force.
The next strength which should be possessed is "speed" with which to maximize the force of the power generated by self-sufficiency and alliance. By supplely and quickly increasing the speed of communication, execution and accomplishment, we will develop into a larger-structured innovative corporate group.
The power of the individual operating company and the collective power of the corporate group - accelerating these two dimensions of power to the world and into the future. This is the dynamics of the Nisshin Seifun Group.