Primary Management Objective

Nisshin Seifun Group’s primary management objective is to maximize its “long-term corporate value” based on the Group’s basic corporate philosophy mentioned above.
Nisshin strives to develop and enhance its Group management structure, while focusing on allocating resources to those areas where we are currently highly competitive and where potential for growth exists.
Each company of the Group, in harmony with the basic corporate philosophy, will carry out business activities under the banner of “standing on its own and building strong alliances”.
This means each company within the Group will conduct its business as an independent entity in the most appropriate way according to its individual business characteristics and market environment, and in so doing, create corporate alliances both inside and outside the Group to strengthen its competitive position.
At the same time, Nisshin Seifun Group encourages internal innovation while upholding its commitment to social responsibility by complying with applicable laws and regulations, making food safety a priority, and working to protect the environment. Thereby, we seek to achieve maximum support from our stakeholders, comprised of customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, and society as a whole.