Social Contribution Activities

Basic approach

We contribute to the development of society through sound business activities. With respect for human rights as a core principle, we also pursue product safety and work to conserve the environment, while establishing a presence as a trusted group of companies that thoroughly complies with social norms. Furthermore, we aim to coexist in harmony with society by actively engaging in social contribution activities. As we continue to globalize, we are working to expand this sense of harmony beyond Japan by working to fulfill the mission and role described above in a way that fits each country we do business in.

We recognize our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen and help to realize a prosperous society by actively advancing activities that not only contribute to local communities, but that also benefit society at large. This includes creating friendship and goodwill by strengthening engagement with local communities through activities such as employee participation in local events. To determine which areas and issues to focus on, the Social Committee carries out discussion based on our Corporate Code of Conduct and the Normative Ethics Committee screens monetary donations in terms of appropriateness and legal compliance. Accordingly, we are focusing on contributing to activities that provide humanitarian support, academic support, or that help to create more prosperous lives.

Spending on social contribution

FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Expenditure (¥ millions) 297 376 220

* Calculated using the method employed in the Social Contribution Activities Results Survey carried out by the Japan Business
Federation’s 1% Club.

Contributing to the eradication of poverty and hunger

Food support through the World Food Programme

As a group that handles wheat, an important staple food, we support the World Food Programme in its mission to eradicate poverty and hunger and in September 2005, we joined the NPO Japan Association for the World Food Programme. Since then, we have continuously provided active support, including carrying out fund raising activities, as well as implementing World Food Day initiatives each October.

Contributing through support for young people and people with disabilities

Disability employment support project

Kobe Sweets Consortium

In June 2008, the Kobe Sweets Consortium launched the Kobe Sweets Consortium Challenged Program, a project to help people with disabilities participate actively in society. As part of this project, Nisshin Flour Milling Inc. has been working with the nonprofit social welfare organization Prop Station since its very first round of activities, with the shared aim of helping disabled people find employment, as well as creating such employment opportunities. Our goal is to recruit a wide range of supporters, including government agencies, manufacturers, and retailers, in order to make wheat flour, an essential ingredient in sweets, into something that helps people with disabilities to flourish in society.

This initiative was recognized with the Award for Consumer-oriented Activities by the Association of Consumer Affairs Professionals in 2020.

Kobe Sweets Consortium

Sponsoring the National High School Cook-Off for over 50 years

We have sponsored the National High School Cook-Off, hosted by the Future Homemakers of Japan, every year since 1970 as an opportunity to make people familiar with local ingredients and seasonal flavors through wheat flour and wheat flour products. Each year we receive around 7,000 recipes from high school students across Japan.

National High School Cook-Off

Contributing through academic support

Supporting researchers and exchange students through the Foundation for Dietary Scientific Research

Awarding a scholarship
Awarding a scholarship

Nisshin Seifun Group Inc. supports for the Foundation for Dietary Scientific Research, which was originally established in 1941 as the Nosankagaku Kenkyukai (Agricultural Production Research Association) by the Nisshin Seifun Group’s founder Teiichiro Shoda. Since then, it has consistently provided financial support for researchers and research institutions focusing on food. It also provides supports for exchange students at Japanese universities and research institutions in the hope that exposure to the breadth of Japanese culture will enable these students to become bridges between Japan and their home countries through their thorough understanding of Japan.

Contributing through lessons by employees

Support for the Foundation for the Promotion of Nutritional Improvement

We agree with the mission of the Foundation for the Promotion of Nutritional Improvement and we have been working together since its establishment.
One of its activities is to provide travelling classes on food and nutrition. As the time available for food preparation in households is decreasing due to the increasingly active role played by women in the workplace, these dietary education classes aim to ensure that this will not impact food quality at home by providing participants with knowledge related to food and nutrition through recipes that are simple, delicious, fun, and make clever use of processed foods. We share the goal of this initiative and are supporting cooking classes being held across Japan by providing employees as teachers.
* Foundation for the Promotion of Nutritional Improvement: Established by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in 1953 with Takeo Kurokawa, its leader at the time, as chairman. It was founded as a cooperative initiative between the government, consumers, and food manufacturers to promote dietary improvements for citizens who were malnourished due to food shortages experienced in Japan following the Second World War. Since then, it has expanded the scope and scale of its activities.

Dispatching employees for environmental conservation classes

Local Environmental Conservation Activities

We are engaging in social contribution activities aimed at expanding the knowledge of global environmental issues and environmental business of future generations.
We provide an environmental educational program for elementary and junior high schools that uses wheat flour and other foods that are familiar to children as a focus for classes.

Local Environmental Conservation Activities

Dispatching employees for classes on dietary education and other themes


We are working to teach the children who will be responsible for the world of the future about wheat flour, which is a base ingredient for a wide range of foods, and to raise their interest in food and diet. To achieve this, we are sending employees to elementary and junior high schools across Japan to teach lectures and practical classes on topics related to wheat and wheat flour.

Classes Provided by Nisshin Seifun

Career education at Kudan Secondary School

As a good corporate citizen, we want to help children learn about careers at an early stage, so since 2009, we have been supporting an initiative by Kudan Secondary School in Chiyoda Ward that provides children with practical career experiences in cooperation with local companies and organization by taking on work experience students.
In fiscal 2021, we carried out a program on the theme of “a plan for energizing the restaurant industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.” This program aimed to cultivate the independence and social skills of students by having them come up with a plan through multiple discussions and then give a presentation.

Support for culture and sports

Holding a touring exhibition of the Tokyo International Screen Print Biennial (NBC Meshtec Inc.)

Every two years since 2007, NBC Meshtec Inc. has held an exhibition of silkscreen prints submitted by the public in order to publicize screen printing and to enhance screen printing skills and expression by providing artists with opportunities to display their works. In an average year, the company will gather over 300 highly original works made by artists from over 30 different countries in a contest full of international flavor.

Summer concert by the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra

The Japan Philharmonic Orchestra
The Japan Philharmonic Orchestra

Every year since 1978, Nisshin Seifun Group Inc. has been the sole sponsor of the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra’s Summer Concert. The event has become well known as a long-standing entry point for enjoying classical music.

Support for the Ghibli Museum, Mitaka

Museo d'Arte Ghibli
© Museo d'Arte Ghibli
All admission to the Ghibli Museum, Mitaka is by advance reservation only.

We have long been a supporter of the Ghibli Museum, Mitaka’s library and special exhibitions, and since 2014, we have been sponsoring all of the museum’s activities. We hope to help the museum preserve animation culture for the future and to bring smiles to children everywhere.

Sports sponsorship

Our sports sponsorship activities aim to help not only athletes, but everyone involved in sport, including support personnel and fans, to do their best and achieve their dreams.

Sponsor of the Japanese Para-Sports Association
Sponsor of the Japanese Para-Sports Association

Activates that promote the fun of making food

Flour Homemade Cooking Class

Since 1973, we have been holding a touring cooking class (now named the Flour Homemade Cooking Class) in order to help people become more familiar with wheat flour as an ingredient. We have dispatched employees to schools, after-school clubs, public halls, and other venues to teach classes on cooking with wheat flour, such as bread-making classes. We also hold parent and child classes for elementary school students in which the children can have fun while learning about the nutritional properties of wheat flour and get to make their own homemade bread. To date, a total of over 19,000 people have participated in the classes.

Bread making classes (Oriental Yeast Co., Ltd.)

A bread making class
A bread making class

The company holds classes for local elementary school children and their guardians at its Food Development Center in Osaka in which they learn about the history of yeast while having fun making bread.

Coexisting with local communities overseas

We recognize that there is a risk that our business will affect local communities in ways such as insufficient consideration of the human rights of local people, atmospheric pollution, and noise. Therefore, we are working to prevent incidents and reduce risk through coexistence with these communities. We make sure to respect the culture, traditions, and customs of the places in which we do business. For example, when building a plant overseas, we invited a representative of the local indigenous people to the groundbreaking ceremony to perform a ceremony to bring peace to the souls of ancestors associated with the land. In countries with strict religious observances, we provide prayer rooms at workplaces and allow religious rites to be practiced during work hours.

Social contribution activities at overseas plants

As a group that is developing its business globally, our basic approach is that each Group company should become integrated with its surrounding region and work together with local people to raise corporate value by becoming a foundation for the building of a better society. Based on this approach, we are advancing various activities with the aim of contributing to local communities through sound business activities.

A gift basket and some of the thank you cards received.
A gift basket and some of the thank you cards received.

Rogers Foods Ltd. (Canada)

Rogers Foods Ltd. regularly holds workshops for people in the local area in which employees teach them how to make sweets using wheat flour.
They also support non-profit organizations by donating gift baskets filled with the company’s products that can be sold to raise funds at events such as bazaars. The money raised is then used to fund activities that support a wide range of people, including cancer research, help for refugees to become independent, and scholarships.

Miller Milling Company, LLC (USA)

The company participates in volunteer activities by groups aiming to eliminate child abuse and neglect and to build strong, healthy households. Specifically, it is creating opportunities to support children, such as preparing and serving meals and snacks. In addition to this, employees participate in volunteer activities by food bank organizations, including sorting and boxing the food products to be distributed.

Miller Milling Company, LLC’s Minneapolis Plant
Miller Milling Company, LLC’s Minneapolis Plant
Miller Milling Company, LLC’s Los Angeles Plant
Miller Milling Company, LLC’s Los Angeles Plant

Medallion Foods, Inc. (USA)

The company has been donating pasta to food banks for over 10 years. In fiscal 2020, it donated around 14 tons of pasta (worth around $8,000).

Ankara Japanese Speech Contest
Ankara Japanese Speech Contest

Nisshin Seifun Turkey Makarna Ve Gida Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S (Turkey)

Since its founding, the company has sponsored the Ankara Japanese Speech Contest held annually by the Embassy of Japan in Turkey with the aim of supporting students learning Japanese in Turkey.

Thai Nisshin Seifun Co., Ltd. (Thailand)

Each year, environmental conservation events led by local companies and schools are held in the coastal area of Samut Prakan Province, where Thai Nisshin Seifun Co., Ltd. is based. As part of this, the company participates in mangrove tree planting activities. It also dispatches staff to teach classes to children in the area to raise their awareness of environmental conservation by watching videos and taking part in fun games and quizzes about the environment.

Mangrove tree planting
Mangrove tree planting
An environmental conservation class taught by Thai Nisshin Seifun employees
An environmental conservation class taught by Thai Nisshin Seifun employees

Nisshin-STC Flour Milling Co., Ltd. (Thailand), Vietnam Nisshin Seifun Co., Ltd. (Vietnam)

The companies are helping children in their regions to grow healthily through donations to local schools and by supporting improvements to learning environments.

Interacting with the children at a local elementary school, surrounded by donations such as meals and school supplies Nisshin-STC Flour Milling Co., Ltd.
Interacting with the children at a local elementary school, surrounded by donations such as meals and school supplies Nisshin-STC Flour Milling Co., Ltd.
A career building seminar held at Lac Hong University Vietnam Nisshin Seifun Co., Ltd.
A career building seminar held at Lac Hong University
Vietnam Nisshin Seifun Co., Ltd.