To be Trusted Company

We contribute to social development through sound business activities.

To create a comfortable working environment

The government is prioritizing promotions of “Work style reform” and “Women's Participation and Advancement” in Japan. We try to approach these issues by not just numerical management of working hours but also more productive and efficient manner. We offer various options in work style to maximize their potential with respects our employees’ diverse personalities and all stages of their lives that makes comfortable working environment.

Diversity promotion

Action Plan to promote” the Act of Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace”
(To March 31, 2019)
(Goals of Nisshin Seifun Group)

  • Rise percentage of women in regular positions: 30% or more;
  • Rise percentage of women in managerial level: 30% or more; and
  • Rise percentage of men taking childcare leave: 30% or more

Human resources management in Overseas Businesses

  • Personel development through a safe and health work environment and technology transfer along with our group standards; and
  • Promote appointment of local human resources and localization of management

Campaign to reduce total working hours

Introduction of “no-overtime days” and promotion to take annual paid leave, etc.

Opportunities for Personal Development

Safety training for employees

As opportunities to develop abilities by various training systems, we provide practical programs for various work applications at our technical training institute. In fiscal 2016, we have a new comprehensive program for managers combining strategic career-path designs in order to cultivate core human resources.

Efforts toward respect of human rights

In support of the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights", an international human rights standard, we established "respect of humanity" as our mission in our company code and provide a code of conduct for employees based on that. The Human Rights Enlightenment Office in our group as a dedicated section, and seek to enlighten employees so that they see human rights as a familiar issue through providing training for officers and employees and inviting suggestions of slogans, etc.

Practice of Health and Productivity Management

In order to maintain the health of employees, we promote the creation of working environments that help maintain and enhance the health of employees through the optimization of working hours, health guidance aimed at preventing lifestyle-related diseases, disseminating infection prevention measures and mental health measures, etc. In addition, Nisshin Seifun Group Inc. was certified as an Excellent Enterprise of Health and Productivity Management** 2021 -White 500" in the large enterprise category jointly selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI) and Nippon Kenko Kaigi.

Enhancement of corporate governance

In order to "remain a group in which the employees continue to take pride" and "enhance long-term value of the group", we believe it is important to enhance corporate governance. As a mechanism for the holding company to evaluate and supervise the group’s subsidiaries, we have institutionalized internal controls and professional internal audits of facilities and safety management and quality assurance. To enhance compliance, we are also implementing employee training programs emphasizing legal and ethical responsibility.