Communication with Our Stakeholders

Nisshin Seifun Group is dedicated to gaining active support from all stakeholders through communicating with them at various opportunities.

Promoting Consumer-Oriented Management

Our Group works to incorporate the voices of our customers and quality assurance from a consumer perspective into our business activities. As an organization placed directly under top management, our CR (Consumer Relations) Office promote consumer-oriented management and engage in a variety of initiatives to earn the active support of consumers.
We support the "voluntary declaration of consumer-orientation and follow-up activities" initiative that has been advanced by the Consumer Affairs Agency to promote consumer-oriented management. In April of 2017, we released our voluntary declaration of consumer-orientation, and in July of 2018 we released a follow-up activity report that summarizes the initiatives that we implemented in the previous fiscal year.
We will continue to fulfill our social responsibilities through providing socially and environmentally beneficial products and services. We will further put our efforts to build a sustainable society as a company trusted and selected by consumers.

Consumer Dialogue at Plant

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We conducted plant tours and exchanges of ideas as a first step in building relationships that allow dialog with consumers. We work to enhance active communication about normally questions while deepening understanding of initiatives for product safety.

Children's Tour Day in Kasumigaseki (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology; Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)

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Through simple demonstrations, children enjoyed learning about the qualities of wheat and flour, how flour is made, and other topics.

Making wheat flour more familiar

Flour Homemade Cooking Class


We have held this event since 1973 to communicate the importance of food and the enjoyment of homemade cooking, through wheat flour.

Co-sponsorship of National High School Cook-Off

The National High School Cook-Off is held every year, hosted by the Future Homemakers of Japan (FHJ) and cosponsored by the Nisshin Seifun Group. The event provides an opportunity for students to become familiar with local food ingredients and seasonal tastes, through wheat flour and wheat flour products.

Winning works

Loro Zucca
SakuSaku FuwaFuwa RenkontoAjinoWafuu pizza or Crunchy-Fluffy Japanese style pizza with Lotus roots and mackerel
Natural sweet! Amazake mille crepe

Contribute to the improvement of healthy and abundant diets

The Foundation for Dietary Scientific Research

Ceremony for scholarship award

The Foundation for Dietary Scientific Research began with the establishment of former organization-Nosan Kagaku Kenkyukai by Nisshin Flour Milling Inc. founder Teiichiro Shoda in 1941. With the support of the Nisshin Seifun Group headquarters, the Foundation has long sponsored food-related research by individual researchers and institutions. In fiscal 2017, the Foundation provided 13 cases of research aid and 1 case of financial support for a research institution. In addition, our support for exchange students to Japanese universities and research organizations, etc., is hoped to lead to new bridges between Japan and the home countries of these exchange students.