Corporate Governance

Basic approach

With the aim of realizing sustainable growth and maximizing long-term corporate value, our basic views on corporate governance are to (i) develop an efficient management system and clarify management responsibility and (ii) promote management that respects the status of each stakeholder, including shareholders, and makes decisions in a transparent, timely, and appropriate manner.
We recognize that strengthening corporate governance and internal controls are important to "remain as a group in which employees continue to take pride" and "enhance the long-term value of the Group."

Corporate governance structure

Corporate governance structure

Basic structure

Internal control systems

The Group regards internal control systems as mechanisms for the establishment of countermeasures against business risks through the efforts of all members of the organization, including top management. We create and administer extensive Group-wide internal control systems that exceed the requirements of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. We continually maintain and enhance these systems, which are monitored by a dedicated organization.