Basic Attitudes Towards Stakeholders

At the core of our corporate philosophy and as part of our primary management objective, the Nisshin Seifun Group commits to its stakeholders in the following ways:

To Customers

The Group’s goal is to achieve full customer satisfaction by adequately discerning their needs and desires and to respond based on trust by providing high-quality products and services that are safe and reliable.

To Shareholders

As stated previously in our primary management objective, we seek to develop the businesses of the Group to maximize long-term corporate value.
Nisshin maintains high profits and solid growth, strives for the efficient use of assets, and rewards shareholders through a stable and equitable dividend policy.
At the same time, Nisshin works diligently to ensure that the company is well regarded, fairly appraised and trusted by the public through timely, appropriate and regular disclosure of information, with the intention of increasing our stock value.

To Employees

Based on principles of mutual trust and respect for human values, Nisshin provides employees with a safe and healthy working environment that encourages all employees to fulfill their duties with a sense of satisfaction and pride, making the best use of their personal skills and abilities.
In addition, Nisshin expects and promotes personal improvement and individual growth while seeking to maintain and increase standards of living.

To Business Partners

Nisshin wishes to flourish with our business partners by respecting their position and sharing achievements based on mutual trust, while engaging in business practices that are consistent with the principles of fair trade and free competition.

To Society

Nisshin endeavors to benefit society through its sound business activities.
In addition, Nisshin respects human rights and endeavors to establish its status as a reliable company by manufacturing safe and healthy products and protecting the environment, and by strictly complying with local cultural norms, laws and regulations.
Also, Nisshin endeavors to harmonize itself with society by promoting activities that benefit social environments.
In addition, as our business activities spread globally, we will seek international harmony by implementing these responsibilities in a way that is suitable to the conditions and circumstances of each global community.