Basic Position

Basic Stance on Nisshin Seifun Group Stakeholders

Based on our corporate principle and guiding philosophies, the Nisshin Seifun Group adopts the following basic stance toward each of our group shareholders.

Toward Our Customers

We strive to consistently generate customer satisfaction, by accurately identifying the needs and wants of our consumer and business customers, and by providing products and services which are reliable, safe and of high quality.

Toward Our Shareholders

We are expanding our group management as a key policy to maximizing our "long-term corporate value".
We maintain high profitability and a steady growth potential, and we strive for effective utilization of our assets. We also distribute fair and stable dividends.
At the same time, we aim to improve our share price by being correctly understood, valued and trusted through the timely, adequate and ongoing disclosure of information.

Toward Our Employees

Based on a mutual trust founded on the respect for humanity, each and every employee feels the joy and a sense of purpose in life through their work. They make maximum use of their abilities and individualities, and create a workplace environment where they can work safely and healthily.
The group expects and assists employees to strive to maintain and improve a healthy standard of living, as well as to seek self-change and to consistently improve themselves.

Toward Our Suppliers

Based on the principles of fair and free competition, we strive for co-existence and co-prosperity by respecting the position of the other party on a basis of mutual trust, and by sharing the fruits of such mutual respect.

Toward Society

We contribute to the development of society through sound business activities.
We believe that respect for human rights is fundamental, and we strive for safety in our products and the preservation of the environment. We are thorough in our compliance with social norms and secure our position as a reliable company.
We actively press forward with activities that contribute to society, and will pursue a harmony with society.
Also, as we proceed further with globalization, we will undertake similar missions and roles, in forms which meet the conditions of the different countries in the world, and we will focus on a harmony with the international community.