We aim to engage in free and vigorous corporate activities while maintaining the environment on a global scale.

Making Our Manufacturing with Lower Environmental Impact

Our Group has formulated medium-term targets for global warming countermeasures and the effective use of resources, to be achieved by 2030.
For the sustainable growth of our future business, we are taking active steps toward energy conservation measures, thorough improvements in production efficiency, and the effective use of resources.
Our Group operates ISO14001 environmental management system and has received certification of not only production sites but offices, sales sites, laboratories, and other locations of the Group as a whole. Our integration practices on environmental management with our business are verified by external review body.
We are taking action across the Group to achieve manufacturing with low environmental impact.

Use of renewable energy


This flour milling plant has introduced solar power generation on a large scale. About 15% of the electric power it uses is supplied from renewable energy sources.
(Miller Milling Company, LLC (Fresno Plant)

Using water resources wisely

The East Plant is planned for the suburbs of Pune in Maharashtra, India introduce ZLD (ZLD:Zero Liquid Discharge) system that does not discharge waste water outside the plant grounds will be adopted in the site. Dense wastewater will be concentrated and incinerated in boiler, and thin wastewater will be reused within the plant after purification, to achieve zero liquid discharge from inside the grounds. In addition, sludge generated from processes within the plant will be reused as fertilizer raw materials. (OY India Pvt. Ltd.)


Initiatives through our products

By delivering products that benefit consumers and customers, our Group will contribute to the reduction of environmental impacts on society.

Creating comfortable spaces in a natural form

Photo Photo

NBC Meshtec's Fractal Sunshade was developed through research into the structure of dappled sunlight. With gaps placed in a fractal structure, the sunshade creates a comfortable space through tree-like sunlight dappling and natural ventilation, without using electricity.

Note: “Fractal” refers to a natural geometric structure expressed through a repeating pattern, such as tree branches, leaves, coastlines, and mountain ranges.

Achieving quality improvement in rice balls and reducing losses from waste


As Onigiri or rice balls become increasingly varied, Oriental Yeast Co., Ltd.'s mold improver for rice ball, “Nice Rice Yui” and “Nice Rice Kai,” are helpful in maintaining the shape of rice balls made from fried rice or other mixed rice that contains oil and easily loses shape, as well as in making rice balls of red rice or other sticky rice easier to break up. The products not only improve appearance and ease of eating, they also lead to the reduction of waste-related losses caused by products that break apart in the manufacturing process.