Message from the President


Our Group's business environment will be undergoing massive changes, such as: environmental issues, natural resource depletion, population increase, the balance of food supply and demand, diversification of food preferences, increased health- and safety-awareness, globalization and technological innovation, all of which could present both risks and opportunities.

Looking ahead at the structural changes of the global society in 10 and 20 years, in which further complexity and increasingly rapid change are predicted, our group has formulated a long-term vision: "NNI ‘Compass for the Future’ -Toward a New Stage- Maximizing Group-wide Capabilities and Effecting business Model Change." In NNI ‘Compass for the Future’, we aim to fully utilize our strengths to achieve continuous growth. With this vision as our compass, we will advance our New Nisshin Innovation activities.

In our long-term vision, we state our Target Vision for the Future, based on our philosophy of contributing to society through business, which has been our group's strongly held corporate value since its founding. In order to achieve this, we will exhibit our Group-wide capabilities, which are essential for growth, and strengthen our competitiveness. Thus, we will maximize our corporate value and create sustainable cyclical growth. We will accomplish this while maintaining our strongly-held position in the domestic food industry.

To achieve business expansion and continuous growth, we strive to reform our working style and provide a working environment that truly motivates each and every employee, enabling them to realize and increase their potential. We will activate our human resources and organization, while making every effort to promote management that strengthens governance (G), and contributes to the environment (E) and society (S).

Through these efforts, we intend to become a "globally-operating company that assists 'healthy lifestyles' and plays a critical role in 'the food infrastructure' of today and tomorrow," deserving the continuous support of all its stakeholders and contributing to realizing a sustainable society.

The Group's Long-Term Vision

The Group's Long-Term Vision

The Group's Grand Design for Realizing Its Long-Term Vision

The  Group's Grand Design for Realizing Its Long-Term Vision

Our Grand Design outlines the things that we must do to achieve our “Target Vision for the Future”.

While securing a balance between corporate value on the horizontal axis and the cyclical growth on the vertical axis, and on the basis of our long-standing sense of values, we will “Effect Business Model Change” and “Strengthen our Business Portfolio”in order to enhance our competitiveness, with our Group-wide Capabilities as the key to growth.

Our Group will build an organizational structure, promote investment policies, and execute on initiatives for the sustainable cyclical growth (ESG, etc.), in order to achieve maximum corporate value & the sustainable cyclical growth.