Social ActivitySocial Responsibility 2016

With Consumers

Food safety and security management

Strict management with facility access control system

Fingerprint authentication
Finger vein authentication

To provide consumers with reliable delicious and safe food, food defense and food security is always foremost in our minds at every step of the process, from product development through procurement of resources, manufacturing and distribution.

Communication with consumers

Dialogues at the Nisshin Seifun Tsurumi Plant
Eat Breads made all kinds of wheat at Nisshin Seifun Tsurumi Plant

To maintain communication with consumer groups, we organize dialogues to meet their interests together with production facility tours. It gives us a better understanding of what consumers are interested in.

Value by users

Nisshin Cooking Flour

Praised by consumers Nisshin Cooking Flower®, our bottle-type wheat flour product launched in 2015 has been praised by consumers for being so easy to use, and received many awards in the Japan Packaging Contest, Nikkei Superior Product Award and Good Design Award.

Seminar, event

Children’s Kasumigaseki Study Tour Day (at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)
A presentation at seminar tour

Through conducting consumer seminars and participation to educational events, we provide the information about food situation and food safety particularly wheat and flour in Japan.

With Customer and Suppliers

Communication over the website

Sou Shoku Club, front page

The Sou Shoku Club is a members-only service where we introduce new products and provide information on product recipes and market information, etc. to, and specialists respond to enquiries from, clients who purchase flour and prepared mix products for business use.

Regular seminars for customers

Various seminars are offered helpful hints for new product development and technological improvements.

American baking seminar
A baked sample Lecture of expertise
Croptour at Miller Milling Company Fresno Plant

With Employees

Creating a better work environment

We implements employee education and training including human rights awareness, respects cultural and individual diversity and promotes inclusiveness.

Human resources development

Employees participate in a workshop
Safety traning program

We extend to create appropriate environment to each employee's qualifications and roles by own developed education programs, that enable to improve their own skills individually.

With Shareholders

Plant tour shareholders

Plant tour
An example of shareholder complementary benefit plan

In FY2015, we held tours for investors to the Flour Milling Museum and Nisshin Flour Milling Inc.’s Tsurumi Plant.

The Museum offer to deepen understanding of the state of art flour milling technology and the company’s history since inception through to today.
And the Tsurumi Plant shows the process of milling from the production to dispatch of the flour.