Health Management Initiatives

We share our health management philosophy with employees and implement health management initiatives that enable employees to maintain good health and high energy levels.

The Nisshin Seifun Group Health Declaration

In July 2019, we formulated the Nisshin Seifun Group Health Declaration, and we practice health and productivity management in line with said declaration.

With employee health as one of our top priorities, we will continue to support our employees so that they can work energetically to reach their full potential.

As members of globally-operating company that assists healthy lifestyles and plays a critical role in building the food infrastructure of the future, our employees are committed both to the maintenance of their own health and the provision of products that help consumers to achieve good health.

Our basic philosophy

We define health management as continuing collaboration with employees to create and maintain healthy and energizing environments from which employees can disseminate the value of good health to the world. At the same time, we are working to deliver health to consumers through the products of our Group companies.

Health management requires harmony between good physical health and good mental health. The creation of pleasant and stimulating working environments can be expected to have a beneficial effect on this harmonious relationship between physical and mental health.

Based on this philosophy, we have identified work environment, personal physical care, and mental health care as the three pillars of health management in the Nisshin Seifun Group. We have made health management an important element of our group business plans, and we will continue to implement various initiatives toward the achievement of KPIs in these three areas.

Numerical health management targets for the end of FY 2027

Nisshin Seifun Group Inc. has set health KPI targets of 80 for the three pillars of its health management structure as the basis for a health management PDCA cycle. We aim to achieve these targets, which have been linked to our medium-term management plan, by the end of fiscal 2027.

Working environment: Achievement of a standard deviation score of 55 for “Stress caused by the workplace environment” and “Job satisfaction” in stress checks
Person physical care: Achievement of healthy BMIs by 80% of employees
Mental healthcare: Achievement of a score of 80 in a general health risk stress check.

* While these quantitative targets apply to Nisshin Seifun Group Inc., we are implementing health management across the entire Nisshin Seifun Group.* Click here for statistics showing progress to date

Organizational chart

Health management measures are implemented by the Division Executive of the General Administration Division and health management staff in the General Administration Division in collaboration with the corporate health insurance association and the labor union, under a structure headed by the President.

Policy on health management initiatives

The benefits of health management measures are verified at regular meetings of the health promotion managers of Nisshin Seifun Group companies. By achieving KPIs for each of the three pillars of health management, we are creating an environment in which employees can think independently about their own health.

Work environment

We are implementing flexible workstyle systems, such as remote working, flextime without core time, and paid leave in one-hour units, and office environments improvements, such as the introduction of adjustable desks, concentration booths, and dual monitor PCs.

Personal physical care

An instructor presents a seminar on stretching exercises designed to prevent back pain and stiff shoulders (held online).

Initiatives include exercise seminars designed to help employees establish workout routines, the acquisition of Smart Meal certification at employee cafeterias, the introduction of health apps, and the provision of chat-style medical consultations focusing on lifestyle disease prevention.

In addition to a Lunch Program* in employee cafeterias, experts present seminars on visceral fat.
* A program that helps to reduce visceral fat the regular consumption of healthy meals

Exercise seminars

FY2020: Three seminars with 139 participants
FY2021: Three seminars with 243 participants (held online)
FY2022: Three seminars with 140 participants (held online)
FY2023: Seven seminars with 1,772 participants (held online)

Nutritional Literacy Program

Fiscal 2020: Preventing visceral fat accumulation through the lunch program (60 participants)
Fiscal 2023: Online health seminars by an industrial physician on achieving and maintaining an appropriate body weight (total of 450 participants)

Introduction of the Health App

FY 2021: 149 users
FY 2022: 234 users

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Mental healthcare

Participants in an online sleep seminar learn about techniques to ensure quality sleep (held online).

Activities include self-care program based on e-learning, as well as care training for managers, and sleep seminars.


FY2020: Self-care program attendance rate 81.4%, care training for managers attendance rate 82.8%
FY2021: Self-care program attendance rate 84.9%, care training for managers attendance rate 83.0%
FY2022: Self-care program attendance rate 80.1%, care training for managers attendance rate 89.6%
FY2023: Self-care program attendance rate 80.3%, care training for managers attendance rate 79.7%

Sleep seminars

First half of FY2021: Two online seminars with 60 participants (held online)

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Other initiatives

Serving health-enhancing dishes in employee cafeterias in our headquarter buildings

We help employees to improve their health by offering nutritionally balanced meals, including dishes certified under the Smart Meal system, in the employee cafeterias in our headquarter buildings in Kanda Nishiki-cho and Koami-cho. In addition to Smart Meal-certified dishes, the menus also include noodles made using high-fiber wheat flour manufactured by Group companies, and synthetic meat manufactured by one of our investees using germinated soybeans.

Data Health Plan

As a new initiative to promote health management and preventive care for the people of Japan under the Japanese government’s Japan Revitalization Strategy, all health insurance associations are now required to formulate and publish business plans (known as “Data Health Plans”) based on analyses of insurance claims and other information as the basis for a more effective and efficient approach to health maintenance and improvement for their members.
Following the completion of its first Data Health Plan, the Nisshin Seifun Group’s health insurance association formulated its second Data Health Plan, which was launched in FY 2019. We will continue to work together with the Group’s health insurance association to promote employee health management activities.

Inclusion in the “White 500” List of Outstanding Health and Productivity Management Organizations

In March 2023, Nisshin Seifun Group Inc. was approved for inclusion in the 2023 “White 500” list of Outstanding Health and Productivity Management Organizations (large corporation category) on the basis of a survey conducted by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, in recognition of the company’s track record of health management initiatives.
As a result of health management initiatives across the entire group, Nisshin Flour Milling Inc., Nisshin Seifun Welna Inc., Oriental Yeast Co., Ltd. and NBC Meshtec Inc. were approved for inclusion in the list of Outstanding Health and Productivity Management Organizations (large corporation category) in 2023.

* “Health Management” is a registered trademark of Health Management Study Group, an NPO.