Steady Supply of Safe Foods

Working to fulfill our mission of ensuring a steady supply of wheat flour and other food with providing safe and reliable products.

Expansion of our flour milling business

Our flour milling business will be able to meet anticipated wheat flower demand growth in Asia by acquiring the flour mill of Nisshin-STC Flour Milling Co., Ltd. in Thailand. Following adding new production lines at Rogers Foods Ltd. (Chilliwack Plant) in October 2017, we will complete production capacity expanding at Miller Milling Company, LLC (Saginaw Plant) in the US in early 2019. As a result of these expansions, the Group's overseas daily wheat flour production capacity will become larger than our domestic production capacity.

The newly acquired flour mill
(Nisshin-STC Flour Milling Co., Ltd. Sriracha Plant)
The new line, launched full-scale in October 2017
(Rogers Foods Ltd. Chilliwack Plant)
New line, scheduled for completion of construction at the start of 2019
(Miller Milling Company, LLC Saginaw Plant)

For the stable supply of foods

For our Group, which has some of the largest wheat silos and flour milling facilities in Japan, the stable supply of foods is a social mission. We are working to rationalize the production structure of our flour mills, expand capacity of our silos, and strengthen our supply system in Japan. We also carry out to understand the growing conditions for wheat raw materials in producing areas, and to engage in communication with producers. To minimize effects on consumers' lifestyles following emergencies, we are establishing management structures, making enhancements to facilities, and undertaking measures to ensure the supply of food. We are also engaging in various approaches to minimize the effects that we envision on our Group's business from earthquakes, tsunami, and other natural disasters.

This flour mill has the largest production capacity in Japan. It has large scale wheat silos equipped a specific wharf for large grain vessels with various prevention against earthquakes, tsunami, and other disasters. (Nisshin Seifun Tsurumi Plant)

Quality assurance with consumers' viewpoint

We consider the provision of delicious, safe, and secure foods to consumers to be of utmost importance. Each of our employees practices “quality assurance from consumers' viewpoint.” Through systems for food safety management and for quality assurance managers, we ensure the safety of all processes from product development and raw materials procurement to manufacturing and logistics. To further put consumers at ease, we affirm the provision of safe, secure products through auditing and monitoring, including food defense.

Making judgments on shipments with a third-party viewpoint


In our plants, we station quality assurance responsible managers who are independent from the Production Department. These managers check quality from consumers' viewpoint and render final judgment on shipments. The managers hold the same authority as plant chiefs with regard to making judgment calls on shipping product.

Products and product development capabilities to meet various needs

As the aging of society, changes in social structure, and other changes occur in people's lifestyles, consumers' needs are also becoming more diverse. Through the products, product development capabilities, and quality management that are strengths of our Group, we will contribute to the creation of healthy and fruitful life.

Products that support growing health consciousness
(Nisshin Foods Inc.)
High-functionality, high-quality health supplements
(Nisshin Pharma Inc.)
In the deli / side dish business, we offer various choice of readily eaten menus
(Initio Foods Inc., Joyous Foods Co., Ltd., TOKATSU FOODS CO.,LTD.)
Pet (dog and cat) foods given under the guidance of veterinarians as therapeutic foods for specific illness symptoms
(Nisshin Petfood Inc.)

To be a corporate group where all employee can exercise and develop their abilities and find their work meaningful

We ensure to become a company where every employee can continue to work with ease while also feeling motivation. Under the vision what this will lead to our Group continuing to grow and play the roles expected of us in society, we are working toward work style reform. In addition to efforts to improve work efficiency, we conduct to create an environment to support employees' motivation.

Approach to more flexible workstyle

  • ・Promotion for the taking of paid annual leave
  • ・Flextime system without core time*
  • ・Annual leave system usable in 1-hour units*

*Implemented from April 2018

Approach to increase work efficiency, develop and exercise capabilities, and create workplace culture

  • ・Increased productivity through work improvements
  • ・Promoting the growth of individuals and exercising of capabilities through a target management system
  • ・Communication to employees through training, seminars, internal PR, etc.
  • ・Promotion to support understanding about internal work systems by e-learning

diversity forum held by five food companies


This forum was held jointly by five food companies to enhance awareness of the importance and necessity of diversity and work style reform, and to accelerate the companies' initiatives in these areas. From our Group, 121 persons attended. The event combined a keynote presentation and panel discussion aimed at learning from other companies, and provided an excellent opportunity to deepen understanding of the importance of diversity and of diverse work styles.